Can you change how someone views you if their first impression of you was just ehh?

This random cute guy and I made eye contact and he came and sat in the seat next to mine during orientation and I wanted to talk to him so I asked him for a pencil but he didn't hear me and he said "what?" And I blushed like a tomato and didn't say anything back. I think I came off as very shy and awkward. Do you think it's possible to change someone's impression of you if their first impression of you wasn't so great?

  • Yes. First impressions probably won't make or break a potential relationship
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  • No. First impressions are very important and crucial
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  • Yes. But it takes time cause first impressions are crucial, it's what makes the other person decide to give you a chance or not. I had a girl in my HS class who told me that when she first saw me she thought I was gonna be a jerk, like the typical asshole jock, but when she got to know me better she realized I was cool.
    My first impression is usually negative, I don't know why, but that's why some people haven't given me the chance to show them who I am.

    It takes time to change people's first impression of you, but it's possible.


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  • Yes I think you can it is how you are now and in the future, not in the past

  • nope 1st impression's not crucial.. so i'd give her another chance

  • Next time u sit next to him give him a note that says do u have a pencil. he may look puzzled but just say hey I thought you were deaf I asked u last time and u just went errrr then smile at him he should find it amusing

  • So I've never known a girl that didn't throw her herself my way unless I made a great first impression.

    That being said, the girl I crushed the hardest over I didn't really like on first impression. Was more like, 6th impression.

    • What made you change your mind

    • She was kind of odd looking. And then she did a couple of things that just hit it right with me. I had a buddy who wanted to try something out and she sort of gave him the courage to walk out in front of a lot of people. After that her friend mentioned going out to a bar with a couple of friends and she did this goofy looking hip hop dance in her response. I don't know, I know it's sounds crazy but she's the greatest.

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