People of GAG, what's the cheesiest pun you've said or heard lately?

Mine was when I said to tell a joke so I said,
"I have some dog puns for this kind of occasion. But they are so RUFF you'll want to TERRIER self up apart from the inside out. That's kind of a HAIRY situation so I'll just put them on PAWS for now."

Naturally, I then immediately apologized for the awfulness of my joke.

So what is your cheesiest pun/joke?
*braces self for answer about how their cheesiest pun is about pizza, but is too cheesy to tell*


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  • It's ok that people don't appreciate them - after all, a good pun is its own reword.


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  • Set the scene the old wild west.
    A dog son of a famous dead gunfighter limps into a saloon and says " I am here for the man that shot my paw".