Does anybody know how to install emojis into your keyboard for snapchat?

I have no idea what happened. My emojis disappeared on snapchat and my keyboard to text. I have an android 4.4.2. I would ask my boyfriend but I'm mad at him right now lol and he's gonna feel all good that "I need him" or like I can't do anything. Trust me I've googled it and nothing. I tried everything. Someone please help in a clear, thorough way.


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  • Don't you have Emoji Smart Andoid Keyboard from google play?

    • okay i have the google keyboard and it looks like my old keyboard with the emojis except this one doesn't have emojis.
      So should I now try the Emoji Smart Android Keyboard? I tried Emoji Smart keyboard but didn't have "android" in it so is that different?

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    • maybe you can answer this for me too lol. Its not like I need it but it would be kool to know how to do this.

      On snapchat, there's this way you can type on your snapchat on multiple lines, not just one. Do you know what Im talking about? I've seen like 3 people use it already so its very uncommon still.

  • Just kiss and makeup already, jesus fuck sakes. life's too short to "be mad at people". Honest to fucking god, at least you have a fucking god damn boyfriend. I've been single for I don't know how longgggg

  • I don't even know what snapchat is, nor how you can install emojis into your keyboard, whatever emojis is.


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