IS getting a Microsoft phone a good idea?

I hear from some people that it's not a good idea...
That they don't always have updates.

IS that really such a biig deal, though?

What do you think?

What is your personal experience with microsoft phones?
Nokia Lumia... etc.

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  • NO, it's NOT a good idea to get a Microsoft phone!
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  • It's better than an iPhone. But then again everything is better than that apple crap.


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  • I've had a Windows Phone recently and the BEST thing about it was when I gave it away and got an Samsung S5.

    So no, it's not worth it.

  • It feels like a scooter among vehicles. Cost efficient , does what it's supposed to but don't expect too much from it. Not many apps, but overall the device is fast and responsive when it comes to mailing and texting or calendar. AutoComplete works very well, even in less mainstream languages like Hungarian. Umm camera not that bad but don't go with it to a photo contest.
    It has a cute color selection also.

    There's a rumor that in the near future they'll merge windows desktop app market with mobile market so phones should be able to run metro apps like PCs. Or something like that.

    Lumia 920 owner :D

    • Okay, cool. =)

      I don't really expect much from my phone... just that it works and that it lasts me a longer time - like 4 or 5 years.


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    • It's not a rumor. Windows 10 is coming out later this month, and it will run across all platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone).

      Don't knock the camera until you've tried something like the Lumia 1020 (my current device) :)

    • "Metro" apps will now run in windowed mode on the desktop, AND Cortana is coming to the desktop as well.

  • I'm a die-hard Nokia fanboy... LOL

    I made the switch after soft-bricking my Galaxy S 3, and I haven't looked back. I love my Nokia Lumia 1020, and Windows 10 will just make it that much better. The "lack of apps" issue should be solved by the fact that developers can easily make their apps run across all Windows platforms, from desktop to mobile.

    • I am too... I just can't imagine my life without a Nokia... Even if it is connected to Microsoft now. O. o
      If I have to have a phone (and nowadays it seems you can't live without one) I want it to be a Nokia.

    • About the updates... if you sign up for developer preview, you will have the latest updates directly from Microsoft without having to wait on the carriers (who love dragging their heels). On Android, the only way to do that involves rooting your phone, which voids your warranty and has a risk of "bricking" your phone.

  • Updates are just annoying anyway. If you uninstall and reinstall your favourite apps every once in a while you'll get the updated versions anyway.

    • Hmmmm Cool. =)


      Have you ever used a Microsoft phone, though?

    • No, I haven't but when I bought my phone, the htc m9 I looked at one of the windows phones and it seemed pretty good. Easy to use and quick.

    • You can sign up for developer preview and run the latest Windows Phone version long, long before the carriers catch up. That's one thing I HATED about android... waiting on AT&T to provide the "official" release of the newest version of android.

  • I've saw one and it was no good and really confusing on how to use it ,,

  • Get what you want, but in my case they'd have to pay me to use a winphone.

    • Oh. Could you, please, elaborate on that?
      Is it because you dislike Microsoft (because I get it O. o Not a huge fan either) or is it because of something else?

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    • @Anno_Domini Microsoft is a corporation. How can it be user-friendly? The stock trading is friendly, or what?

      But speaking of user-friendly, Windows certainly isn't, unless you call malware and mysterious registry quirks leading to "win rot" user-friendly.

      Ubuntu is a GNU/Linux distro. I don't know what Ubuntu has to do with it. The question here was about phones, so the comparison would be Android or iOS. Nothing is un-user-friendly about those, and that's where the apps are. But even in PC operating systems, I'd take Linux or OSX over Windows. There's nothing user-friendly about the constant worry of malware, mysterious registry quirks and "win rot" - not to me, anyway.

      Win tablets in theory run desktop apps, but they need to be ported to ARM architecture so it doesn't matter. You can't grab any old x86(64) program and run it on a Win tablet, so that advantage goes out the window (no pun intended). Android tablets have been on the market for years with the same features.

    • @Anno_Domini "Linux is never going to win the OS war until they can offer something that is 100% plug and play for the non-IT masses."

      It doesn't matter what Linux does. My point was that Windows sucks, but since you bring it up: AFAICT Linux desktops are sold preloaded on PCs if you look for them. The PC vendors choose what goes on them, not a 3rd party OS, so "they" (Linux) isn't responsible for what you perceive as a lack of "plug and play for the non-IT masses". And there are a lot of different devices using Linux internally that are "plug and play", the biggest one being anything Android. But strictly speaking of PC, it did work when I tried it, so I don't know what you're talking about.

      As far as Apple winning, I couldn't' care less about that. I just know that I've seen an increase in Macs and a decrease in Wintops over the years. The PC market is going to decline no matter what, so if we count tablets and smartphones, MS already "lost" years ago, if we are keeping track.

  • Yes ! I Have A Microsoft Lumia 640 XL and Believe me, You'll love it


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