Can anyone not bother fighting with people over pointless things including with girlfriends?

I find arguing and fighting over pointless things is draining and not worth it. i rather look towards a solution and acknowledge either a possible solution to an already happened scenario or argument.

For example. .. i can't be bothered arguing with people that have an irrationality aggressive opinion on certain topics because i realise they can't control themselves in expressing their feelings so i tend to just ignore those types of people.

With girlfriends, I've had girlfriends that will just argue over the most trivial of things and start problems. Like I'll be working and not be capable of using my phone and she'll get angry that i haven't returned her call and hold a grudge on me. I'll tell her why i couldn't answer but the grudge remains and she'll l be trying to have a fight and I'll not waste energy getting angry or focusing on it. However

However. .. i feel alone in this i feel as though a lot of people seem like they're on auto pilot with controlling themselves physically and emotionally with opinions


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  • i do... i value my time n energy so i'd rather pull back


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  • I totally agree if the argument is pointless I won't engage

  • You're such a pussy bitch. I can say that because you are not willing to confront me. # pussy

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