Depressed , frustrated and so down?

i feel frustrated and so depressed for a lot of reasons one of them is my vision which is weak and i feel so down that i have to wear something to see ( i wear lenses) can't do a lot of stuff like swimming and stuff i feel like i'm not like normal people and that i have to visit the doctor every 6 months and getting shitty stuff , i took off braces happily but i got a fucking retainer which make me so angry wearing and when i take it off my teeth hurts everything sucks !!!


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  • Shit happnes... nothing is doomed.. have hopes... just because you wear lenses and braces doesn't mean that the world is not yours. Make it yours... I recommend you to wear glasses that lenses because glasses is attractive... There are other sports than just swimming, like tennis or basketball... Join to a youth group.. make friends... start thinking positively. I know its easy to say hard to try but you never know unless you try...


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  • Have you consulted with any Optometrist in regard sto and eye surgery or lasik surgery?

    • i think i'm Young to do lasik + it's expensive