Help With Music and Feelings?

Dudes/Ladies, Am i the only one that gets the chills when listening to Shatter Me by Lindsey Sterling and Lzzy Hale? Or just listening to any of Halestorms or Lindsey's music? ;-;


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  • I've had that feeling before when it comes to music, I've never heard the song you are referring to though.

    • If you're into rock then halestorm is your thing but if you're kinda into dubstep with great vocals then the song by Lindsey Stirling is all you

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    • I'm sure I'll listen to her at some point but for now I prefer the music I listen to.

    • Alright cool ^.^ and she also just has instrumentals of her violin and stuff sh good.^

  • What exactly do you need help with? Do you feel alone and destitute?

    • Like it feels awkward im fighting depression actually and so is my boyfriend and its freaking me out when I listen to their music and it just gives me the chills and i dont understand why

    • Oh. Well I can't help.

    • no help._.

  • You aren't alone :p


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