Is that why she said it?

I kept asking this head of a University program all these questions, like how they can allow upper year students in the program when they didn't allow me to take a year off, and her response was, 'very rarely,' and kept bugging her for a deferral.

I know I was acting like a crazy person, but I think that's why she said the spot wasn't meant for me. She didn't like me challenging her.


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  • Yeah that is definitely plausible. Most people don't want to be questioned or look bad in front of others

    • But I was in a room alone with her.

    • She still didn't like being challenge or make it look like you know more than she does

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  • That's totally hwy.

    • You think so.

      I'm thinking of 19 year old me, and how non intimidating I was

    • Honestly, to me it sounded like she was trying to say who the hell are you? get out you aren't wanted here, and this place is not for you.

      You won’t believe this, she actually literally made me get up, and pushed me towards the door saying, ‘I’m not dealing with this now it’s a Friday , you can go.’

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  • She probably didn't want to be questioned.

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