Was he trying to use it against me?

This guy I know, initially I was nice to him thinking he’d support me in being friends with me. I played the part of the ‘cool girl.’

Then when it came time to talk in front of everyone, I clammed and fucked up.

He realized instantly I’m sort of a loner, and started mingling with all the other outgoing people.

Later on AFTER the day is over, (he didn’t look or talk to me again for the day), he kept giving me these long looks of concern on the way back, which I called bullshit on.

Was he trying to purposely make me feel bad about myself thinking I’ll remember him as the guy who was being nice? Like a power play.

All he did was make me feel worse. And when I didn’t buy into his nonsense, the next time I saw him he looked pissed.


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  • I say he was just making sure you were okay

  • So he gave you concerning looks and you took offense to that? I'd tell you to fuck off if I was that guy. What a waste of time it is showing you concern. Hope you didn't like this guy, because he sure as hell doesn't like you now.

    • Honestly? I think you're a dumbass person who doesn't know the lengths that guys would stoop to, to keep girls interested in them.

      If he was genuinely concerned, he wouldn't have ditched me.

      After the whole day is over and there was no one around, he was pretending to care, so I'd remember him as the nice guy.

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    • I think you're old and pathetic and don't know anything but to put other people down.

      SO fuck off? :)

    • "Old", right, 31. Ancient. My hair is practically falling out of my head. I think you're young, naive, and bitter. You need to learn to lighten up. Youth is wasted on the young.

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