80s music poll: Favorite album by Public Image Ltd/Steve Jones?

After Sex Pistols’ break-up John Lydon formed post-punk band Public Image Ltd. They were much better than SP in my opinion, and they had some pretty good songs. Their album “This is What You Want….” would b my fav. Liked da new-wave sound there. Also his song “World Destruction” wid Afrika Baambaata was awesome :D

Guitarist Steve Jones followed a short-lived solo-career wid a minor-success. His album “Mercy” had some pretty good-songs, especially da title-track, which was featured in TV series Miami Vice…and his “With Or Without You” song was pretty good as well.

  • The Flowers Of Romance (PiL)
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  • This Is What You Want... (PiL)
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  • Album (PiL)
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  • Happy? (PiL)
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  • 9 (PiL)
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  • Mercy (Steve Jones)
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  • Fire And Gasoline (Steve Jones)
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  • Mercy (steve jone) i love this one ✌


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  • I chose this is what you want but flowers of romance was really great in my opinion.

    I think this band was better because they were overall much more talented. The sex pistols to me were more of a statement than any real artistry. I mean Syd Vicious could hardly play bass guitar. So it seemed more like an image thing true musicianship which I know John Lydon hated about the group

    • LOL sorry bro, i guess i owe u a MHO.
      i wanted 2 give MHO to u, but i gave it to @subzero007 instead, coz i wanted 2 check if inactive accounts can receive MHO or not.

    • no prob. good question. wish there were more music related questions

    • i do "80s music polls" daily

  • I remember PIL but not enough to remember any albums - I will go with PIL because I didn't realise Steve Jones had a band