So I've heard that mosh pits are very dangerous (from UhOhBro) but I kinda want to go in one for the first time at Warped. I decided to go and my parents are cool with it. I feel like since it's my first time I should get advice from experienced people. There's a first time for everything right?


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  • Depends on the crowd. You're a 14 year old girl, there's going to be a lot of people who think you shouldn't even be there. A girlfriend of mine went to a marilyn manson concert at 14 and someone just walked up and punched her in the face. You probably won't have to worry about that at warped, because it caters more to teens than a lot of other events. A mosh pit is an excuse for some people to be assholes, but most people are good. Just be aware of the crowd.

    I went to a warped concert one year in one town and it was fillled with mostly drunken metalheads in their 20's and 30's, another year in another town it was mostly teenage kids. If the situation seems cool, go for it.

    Don't try to crowd surf though. You're basically guaranteed to get seriously molested, because guys are douchebags.


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  • Don't do it. It's especially dangerous for people that aren't as tall as the average male and are smaller in size since it's easier to get knocked down and elbowed in the face.

    • Yeah I'm kinda small well not really is 5'6 too short?

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    • Yeah you could easily get a broken nose black eye and broken toes from people stomping on them. They're rough.

    • Oh gosh yep staying out

  • You might be a bit young for a mosh pit.

  • If it's friendly, then you'll be fine. If not take a big guy friend.


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