Is it normal to grow a hatred for everyone because of mistreatment?

I really hate people I despise everyone! like my life is destroyed my confidence everything is taken away because of the way I've been mistreated and the rejection I had to face always being single always been ingrained in me that I would be a nobody it was ingrained that I was a good for nothing ugly piece of shit and to this day I feel like I'm overlooked and ignored never been an outcast but more likely I don't get the respect I deserve.. don't know the reason for it or the reason behind it but I feel like it's a fucking curse. I don't think I'm annoying I dress well nice and everything I just don't get it everything about me is normal but I just don't know


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  • You say you really hate people and that they treat you like an outcast- not that you're annoying or anything. Because of how unfair you've seen others mistreat you, you feel disrespected. I was thinking that maybe it's your opinion of others which drives them away, meaning, because of your dislike of others they become uncomfortable because they know you don't like people, and they don't know how to act around you so that you don't feel uncomfortable. I'm not saying I'm right or anything, just what could be possible.


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