Does my life story sound boring?

Alright so I'm 17 and I was born in Washington but I move to Arizona when I was 17. I kinda was dropped here. My mom never told me I was going to stay here permently, she kinda just told me I was going to stay with my dad until she figured out her job in Texas where she ultimately is settling. I have suffered from bulimia since I was 9. When I was 15 I dropped out of high school to pursue treatment at an inpatient facility in Arizona. After 2.5 monthes of hell I moved back in, once I moved back I relapsed worse than ever. I started going to iOP and it didn't help so I left and ultimately I am just as sick if not worse today. Living with a mental illness changes you, but thankfully I still like myself for the most part and am able to work a full time job and am looking forward to school starting in September, I got my GED at 17 and started working at 16- I also love volunteering it brings a lot of joy into my world. I have worked several odd jobs but currently I love my current job and can picture myself staying here for at least 2 years until I recieve my aa and am able to get a career job in my field and finish my ba ultimately, i have never had a boyfriend but have had a strange string of relationships that were purely on physical basis and am proud to say I haven't had sex in a very very long time. mi don't. Plan on having it until I meet the right person. I have been through some horrible family events ranging from being dumped in another state, rejected from my mother father and my siblings and am now currently living with my grandmother who is a crazy drunk but is nice to me. My goals currently are to work as much as possible and to go to school and finish my degree. I want to have a stable job in my twenties and make plenty of money because I need to travel to several places before I die. I'm not exactly the person to get extremely close to someone, but I know what I want to do and I know where I'm headed next and I can put up with an attrocious amount of bs

I moved back to Washington state I mean


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  • Wow. I admire you for not giving up. You went through hell and back and have a great plan. It's the kind of story people write to make movies from. I don't know you buy I'm proud of you. by the way, I am from Washington too. Don't live there anymore though


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  • Are you just seeking attention so that people will feel sorry for you?

    • Lolol to be honest it's so funny how people will only talk shit if they're anon XD I wrote this two monthes ago so I hardly remember posting, are you just being a bitch because you have nothing nice to say or conducive to add? If you aren't going to be respectful I really don't care lol

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  • Wow... just wow... p

    • Why wow

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    • Yeah that's all I want. I don't want to have to worry about basic things. Yeah people are assholes but o just want to be able to live my life and not worry

    • You got a job and volunteering and I mean it's freaking awesome...
      Get busy with life rather than wasting time thinking what others think about you because none of that matters ☺
      Also take care of your family... because it's more important unless you want to live on your own... but don't worry.. get busy with things, meet new people... and for your illness, you can maybe do yoga or something (not sure if your in to it, but give a try) hit the gym... join a club or a society... buy your self a pet... enjoy life everyday and relax your body and mind :)

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