Why don't we all get behind Bernie Sanders for President?

He is right about wealth inequality and something must be done about it.


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  • From the things I've heard from him, he would be hurting the poor way more than helping them.

    • how?

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    • Denmark: https://www.heritage.org/index/country/denmark
      Sweden: https://www.heritage.org/index/country/sweden

      If you're asking why businesses must take risks for a nation's economy to grow, that's one of the most basic things about economics. In order to not be beaten out by their competitors, businesses have to continually be lowering their prices or offering better products. Businesses all have one incentive: money. When the future looks promising, and businesses are likely to profit, they are more willing to try to improve their business. When there are high taxes, high interest rates, and useless business restrictions, a business won't take those risks. Business is risky as it is; why would it try to expand when a huge portion of its money is going to be commandeered by the government?

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  • I am non American but if \I was, I would be voting for him.

  • Well talk is cheap, but at least it's a start

  • Same way you got behind Obama? Knock yourself out, America will still be run by the NWO and Wall Street fat cats.

    • No Bernie is different

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