Girls, Are you shy? or social person?


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  • I'm very shy at first. When i'm around a new group of people or in a new and unfamiliar environment, I have to admit I am very very shy and reserved. I'm the woman you will find standing/sitting very quietly and patiently as she observes their body language and her surroundings and listens to everything they all have to say. I may not say much, but i'm hearing and watching everything. However, once I get more familiar with these new people, I tend to slowly ease out of my comfortable little shell and once i learn each of their own personalities and what offends them and what humors them, i will chime in here and there. Just enough to get noticed but not enough to have loads of attention on myself. My friends that have already eased me out my shell would tell you nothing less than I am a very friendly, bubbly and generous person. I have nothing but the best intentions and i never want to disappoint anybody. im a people pleaser and i love to make others happy and smile and laugh. (well once im comfortable with you and know you enough to open up), but until i know a person, i am typically very shy. I'm not very social. I don't GO OUT and seek attention and people to talk to. i generally ALWAYS wait for somebody to approach me and then i sweetly, and shyly respond back to the stranger. Once you get me comfortable though, i am probably the most honest and friendly person you will ever have contact with. :)


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