Has our society become too politically correct these days?

I think it is and here's how I look at it. There is too much censorship and control over speech.
One cannot use the pretense of freedom of thought if inquiry is not permissible.

And further, there exists no intellectual honesty without the right to dissent.

People should be able to say what they want even if you don't like it. People are entitled to any opinion, even the "wrong" opinion. It's true that some people are hateful, but even if I don't like it I don't have a right to control them.

But what's worse, good people are silenced. Brilliant people are silenced. Too many people are silenced because their words challenge others and that is inconvenient for them. Freedom of speech matters more than someone's hurt feelings. Nowadays, anything regarding people of color (with racial persecution and prejudice issues) and women (domestic violence, sexual assault and unequal pay issues) coming out of a white person's mouth or a male's mouth, even if these words were in no way hostile towards black and women, will be censored and frowned upon because they're still viewpoints that the other side (minorities and women) don't like and wanna hear.

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  • The problem is that people feel this way, Not to say this opinion is incorrect in fact I agree. A simple word called "freedom" is too commonly misunderstood. We aren't politicaly correct and we don't want to be, this is why one person may hurt another's feeling and this is okay to them, because they all believe in freedom, freedom of themselves and not another, we are trying to make life both kid friendly and still fun for adults but no one thinks about that. What I want should be, is the way most people think, not about what's best. If you want to speak, speak and deal with the criticism but you can't fight the fact that there WILL be that criticism. We all view freedom the wrong way, and when it comes to what SHOULD BE instead of what we all want we fail.


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  • Yes.

    /end discussion forever

  • People can mostly say what they want legally. But there are usually financial and social reprocussions from it.


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  • Freedom of speech includes the freedom to criticize the speech of others. Speech is protected from government control, not from public mockery and social scorn.

    • That's my point. For instance, I shouldn't care if people get offended when I flip off someone who's of a different racial background of me or the opposite gender of me because I don't get along with them well based on my experience.

  • Is a movement by Saul alinzky, to gain power and have a grip on peolple, is the contrary to freedom

  • Yes they have. A person can misspeak and everyone is missing the point they were trying to make rather than understanding it was just a poorly worded sentence.

  • Only REAL extremists have a problem with being correct.
    If it's about politically correct , they're extremist in politics.

    • Yeah. The funny thing is liberals are often singled out for the existence of political correctness when conservatives are just as guilty of it with their religion imposing bullcrap and a few other things that I don't quite agree with. While I respect everyone's own individual beliefs, there's no need for them to shove it down my throat coming from the extremists from both sides of the groups.

    • Abortion is a typical example of rightist "political correctness".
      They consider it 'evident' that a woman should be against abortion and pro life, feels guilty and depressed about an abortion.
      Another example is feminism: it's 'evident' that men should be against feminism.
      For them, it's also 'evident' that everyone should be against socialism.
      For them, it's also 'evident' that everyone should believe 'Murica is a nation founded on Christianity.
      For them, it's also 'evident' that everyone should believe in some superior power.
      For them, it's also 'evident' that there are no atheists in foxholes.
      Etc, etc...

    • Depends. I thought political correctness regarding feminism was mostly from the liberals, not the conservatives. I mean many of the feminazis tend to lean heavily towards the left. I don't like either political parties but just pointing a few things out.

  • Yeah, I can't stand self righteous dickheads who push political correctness.