Do you think this was a bad idea as a joke, trick or whatever?

My sister and i were thinking of something crazy to trick our friends. so we invited them to a small party because we told them that we have a new news that we would like to share it with them. And we decided to pretend that there's a mysterious relationship between us :D like i have a crush on her or something but they didn't believe us, so i had to kiss her in front of everyone and they were like : they were really shocked and one of my best friends was going to cry. My sister and i were going to laugh because of their reactions but we continue having fun and we told them that we were joking at the end of the night, and they were going to kill us :D :D

Do you think this was a bad idea as a joke, trick or whatever?
Don't take it seriously this was just a trick, there's nothing going between my sister and i. i just like to do crazy things for fun.

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  • I actually find the whole thing rather SAD, not bad. I don't find your joke problematic but I find your friends' reactions rather saddening. I mean... one of your friends was going to cry? Why? That's not nice. See, you and your sister were just joking and that's alright but there are truly people out there who are siblings but they do have this kind of special relationship. I don't think people who have an incestuous relationship should be stigmatized. I don't think it should be such a taboo. I personally don't understand how somebody can fall in love or have sex with their brother/sister but then again, who am I to judge? I wouldn't have sex with another guy, yet I don't have any problems with homosexuality. You know what I mean? There's a somewhat famous couple in Germany who is a brother and sister. Because incest is illegal in Germany (like in most countries of the world), both of them have spent quite a lot of time in prison. The guy has even spent about 5-6 years in prison. Every time he is released again he goes back to living with his girlfriend/sister, because the two are just so much in love with each other. And well, they catch him again and throw him back into prison for half a year or so. I don't get this. This couple is not harming anyone. They're just a normal couple who happens to be siblings. They don't hurt people, they just want to live together and be in love. So when I think about all this, it makes me quite sad when people react the way your friends reacted. I don't think people should react this way. It might not be their thing and that's fine. But we also shouldn't judge people just because we personally don't like something. I think if my friend told me that he was in love with his sister, I would try to react the same way as when he would tell me that he is gay. I'd be like "If that works for you, that's great."

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    • Haha, good point. I didn't think of that. It's possible. But I would assume that it's more likely that her friend was crying because she thought something along the lines of "omg my best friend has turned into a sicko"

    • well she was cool after we told her that we were "just" joking

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What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah it doesn't sound like a good joke

  • Even if you said it was a joke it will leave a permanent bad impression

    • how?

    • you kissed your sister infront of them there's nothing to stop them from thinking you do more even if you dont

    • yeah you are right this is the bad part of it.

What Girls Said 1

  • That sounds kind of disturbing to me.

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