What social norm do you not agree with?


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  • Age gap dating. Who really cares how old or young you are? You like who you like. That's mine, at least.


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  • These are the social norms I hate:
    - going up to any girl and asking her for sex is wrong and illegal
    - girls don't value honesty
    - girls require me to meet the highest standards possible in order for me to be with them, but girls drop all of those standards for other guys
    - guys can cockblock me and get whatever they want
    - everything in life is always a competition
    - being nice and helpful to people are signs of weakness
    - being rude and destructive are signs of strength
    - I'm not allowed to be rude or destructive, but other guys are
    - I'm not allowed to express my true self and instead have to put up a false image to impress others or avoid conflict
    - when I'm viewed as intelligent, I am considered evil
    - when other guys are viewed as intelligent, their intelligence makes them cute
    - I'm not allowed to look at girls
    - other guys can look at any girl they want
    - I'm not allowed to talk to girls
    - other guys can talk to any girl they want
    - I can't get laid without a job or money
    - other guys can get laid without a job or money
    - I need to be stronger
    - other guys can be weaker
    - when I'm confident, I'm labelled as arrogant
    - when another guy is confident, he's super cute and charming
    - when I have low self-esteem, I'm labelled as useless
    - when another guy has low self-esteem, he's super cute and sexy

    These are the social norms I've experienced. Whether they are true or not for other people, I don't know, but they are reality for me. I don't know if other people are subjected to the rules I've mentioned, but these are the rules I must follow or I will be severely punished. I'm a virgin. I don't know if I give up on girls, but I'm starting to not care. Sometimes, I feel as if I exist in the wrong planet. Feel free to downvote me or ridicule my existence.

    • I was so mad when I wrote this lol. Just needed a space to vent my frustration. :D I apologize for being rude.

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    • @Asker

      I won't give up on girls. Sorry, typo. lol :D

    • That's the spirit! 😄

  • That men should not show their emotions

  • That men are supposed to ask women out, and that its "pushy" or "demanding" if women ask men out.

  • What do you mean specifically? Trends? Beliefs?

  • Almost all of them.


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  • I don't agree with some of these.


    Do not eat soup with a fork? ... How else are you supposed to eat ramen noodles? I can't use chop sticks!

    Elevator surfing is fun.

    I've cursed and I don't mind others cursing in polite conversation... haha.

    I wouldn't ever wear clothing that is similar to other people's unless if it was deemed necessary.

    Just some of them.

  • Probably most of them I've ever heard

  • That women who sleep around are sluts but guys who do it a studs
    That women should expect to get harassed and are scolded when they "complain" about it
    That a woman's nipples are vulgar and should never be shown
    That women get less jail time for the same crimes
    That women have to shave legs and armpits in order to not be mad fun of or considered gross in public
    That giving a blowjob is normal, but if a guy makes a girl cum he did her a huge favor

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