What to do about my neighbor?

I own two dogs, a Chihuahua and a pit bull. My pit bull is still a young puppy and he jumped our fence a few times, the first time our neighbor got really angry (she had a right to at this time.) And I wasn't there for the last two. But she came and apologized for getting overly upset. Everything was fine.

Now I'm out of town for a few days and my Father called to tell me that he gave our neighbor a ride somewhere (she doesn't have a car.) And he took her a couple places and he to her after that he couldn't take her anymore places. Apparently she got angry and when she got home called on our car (we have two, one was broke down but still had insurance and is sitting in front of our house.) And also called on our dog who hadn't been out and sent the pound.
This all happened because my dad wouldn't drive her around town. What should I do? Can I even do anything?

If it helps I live in Illinois.


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  • Maybe have a chat with her - I think her behaviour suggests something troubling her in background - Mad one minute, apologising the next


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  • just ignore it.

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