Do the vast majority of women secretly hate men and want to make all of our lives a living hell?

I was just reading this question and apparently, about an equal amount of women want men to suffer from unfair double standards (as their anti-double standard counterpart) for some stupid bullshit that they have no control over. If that's how they truly feel, then fuck them. It was never my legal obligation to like and get along with them anyway.

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  • Yes, all women are secretly manipulative and evil and want to make men's lives a living hell now since they hold grudges.
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  • No, you're just being too paranoid over a very small sample size of one stupid poll question on the internet. Women are not your enemy.
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  • Whoa, whoa. The vast majority of women hating men? And wanting to make their lives miserable as well? Looks like that poll only surveyed jealous ex-girlfriends in Korean dramas. Rather than secret hatred towards men, it could be lonely, desperate women just seeking for "Mr. Right" which, in their eyes, has to have the face of Ryan Reynolds, the body of Channing Tatum, the beard of Christian Bale, and not to mention the cooking skills of Martha Stewart. Yes, women's standards are irrational at times, but if he can make her heart flutter, her standards basically melt like Martha's fondue recipes.

    • Did you even click on the link I provided on my question?

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    • I don't know if the women who voted were real women or male trolls pretending to be female GAG users just to stir shit up.

    • Haha, my answer to you is that they are real women. Women are not vicious enough to beat a soup ladle down your throat because of what the man beside you has done. Some women have high standards, but not because they believe the rest of the world are pigs.

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  • I hope they dont the internet is an emotionally hardh area though

    • I'll carry a gun and a knife with me if they dare try to threaten my life and freedom.

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