How to matriculate at uni? And living at halls?

Hey guys, ending this year I will be at Uk, so I want to know that, if I register in a University, will they accept me or I have to matriculate at more than one?
Living at halls, do I have to stay there? What distance from University I have to live before deciding going to halls? Is it expensive to live at home and going to university that is 45 minute far from home or what?
Can you explain it to me please, I've been talking with my mum about going to halls and my dad says no, that if it's the case I live far from Uni, we will al move nearby just for me to no go to halls.


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  • wow poor you... Uni is a right of passage and it sounds like your father is being very protective. You can move in to halls if you live even a mile away. A long as you commit to paying the money then you can live there...

    It sounds like you may want the freedom of being in halls... I wouldn't blame you!

    • LOL. I want the freedom, but I don't still care if I stay at home, only what I want is to reduce the expensis from my parents, hello? They have to pay 9000 pounds every year till I finish UNI !! Imagine going to uni everyday, the amout of money I would waste.

    • why do they have to pay? you can pay your own way with student loans. you barely have to repay them!! get a job too, be a proper student and dont live off your parents. you will not do well living at home. I know a few people who live a mile from their uni who went in to halls as socially they were known as the kids who lived at home so couldnt go out. you will be excluded if you stay at home. Of course if thats what you want then enjoy :)

    • They won't give me student loans because I have to live in Uk for at least 2-3 years, and I'm moving there ending this year to start January. And I'm coming from Spain... Till now I've been staying at home without hanging out with friends, for my dad friends are bad, they only cause problems, and Uk people are not good. Well I don't care if I stay at home really.

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  • Going to a local uni and living at home really does mean you are missing out on a significan portion of the point of uni. It's that time when you learn to be indipendant, but in a safe enviroment.

    • Okay, but if my dad doesn't want me to? He's so strict!!

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    • Fair enough. Your English is probably good enough now that you'll pick up the finer points once you are living in Britain. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you so much :D

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  • Matriculate means confer a degree. As far as I know, you can only be accepted and attend a single university at a time.

    • I'm Spanish and here in Spain matriculate means to register, I didn't know that in English it doesn't meant the same thing.
      But what I want to know is that, If I register in only one University can I be accepted for sure?

    • You have to be accepted before you register, at least in Canada. The European university system is way different.

    • Okay, thank you.