Do you think in the US, Comprehensive Sex Education should be taught in school, and abstinence only outside of school in private institutions?

Basically, public schools would stop teaching abstinence only sex ed and would instead teach comprehensive sex ed, which is how to have safe sex, avoid STIs and pregneancies and such.

You would be allowed to choose to not have your child participate in this class, instead opting to take your child to a church or private instituion for whatever sexual education you believe in. I think this is fine as many kids already go to Sunday or bible school anyway outside of school. Home schooling is always an option for this as well (though super awkward for the kids I would think!)

Basically, as it stands now, it is the opposite in most fo the US. In schools, abstinance only is tought and if you want your kids to learn comprehensively about sex, there ara a fair amount of local non profits and stuff to take them to. So this is really just swiching the scenerio. I believe in swiching because abstinence only sex ed is mostly founded on relgion, which should not be kept in public schools, but the schools should also respect parents who wish for their kids to sit this class out and find alternative methodes to educating their children. I acknowledge that abstinence only is the only true way to avoid pregnenacy and STIs, but I think over the last two decades, it is very clear that teaching this does not effect how many teens actually have sex (we also have the highest number of STIs in teens out of the western world), and we are better off equipping them with the tools to not get pregnent and to avoid STIs.

What do you think?


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  • I think this'll be a lot better than saying why you shouldn't have sex, and no reasons why really besides pregnancy. Just teach them about safe sex and accept the fact that we're going to one day, so might as well teach us how to prevent teen parents.

    Also, way better than just pretty much telling girls how to avoid a pregnancy and all the bad that comes with it. They rarely do, and if at do at all poorly, explain the consequences for a young guy but God forbid a girl gets pregnant. It takes sperm and an egg to get a girl pregnant, but seems its forever her fault.

    • Ya, I saw that form one of the girls on here, I never heard that before... The shaming I mean. It is really sad... the out of school course I took kept us all together in learning, guys should know all the things girls know and vice versa. I am still shocked at how little many guys know about women's anatomy because of this...

    • I didn't notice that, but its technically shaming because they always say all the bad things about a pregnancy and direct it primarily towards the girl. Some teachers will even bluntly say stuff like, "This is for the girls now, but lets talk about teen pregnancy." It's literally saying it's all your fault, you can always say no. Never mind using protection, it's all on her no matter what.

      But I get the part of womens anatomy. Like many guys still act brand new to a period and they are grown. Just stick the girls an guys in the same room and teach us it all in a reasonable manner. Don't explain sex then expect us to not want to try it, especially guys when they're young and can stick their little dicks in just about anything with a hole and feel no pain.

    • Spot on sir. Ya, I was blind to this whole shame thing, it is sickening. Being kept together gets rid of all the mystery in a way! I am always shocked guys my age don't fulls understand periods even...

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  • No. An in-depth sex ed class needs to be taught EVERYWHERE as well as abstinence being a way to avoid pregnancy.

    Since avoiding pregnancy is going to be one of the main topics in sex ed, abstinence should be in it. I was taught all of this and lived in the Bible Belt but it wasn't comprehensive. I didn't know much until I turned 16. That's all because of my mom refusing to talk about it.

    What I do think should happen though is that the government makes it mandatory for all children to know sex ed at 14 regardless of what parents want. Otherwise, parents like my mom will sign a waiver EXCLUDING kids from learning about it and making the population more ignorant.

    • Yes good point, obviously teach abstinence as well! but not abstinence ONLY is what I meant.

      I wish it could be that way... unfortunately, I don't ever see a bill passing without leaving wiggle room for the conservative parents... baby steps here.

    • Oh. Then yeah, sure. I agree. I was taught abstinence, condoms and a few other ways. I had a friend who was only shown a DVD of a baby birthing and that was it... which led her to have sex and get pregnant her FIRST time.

    • Okay, that is not too bad then. The program I had outside of school did all of this, but also taught about how and where to get condoms, and free STI testing as well.

      I remember in school having that video too... like some kind of scare tactic!

  • I don't believe it's necessary. I think going into birth and diseases and very important and changes to your body.
    But in my mind going into sexuality and the inner workings of sex is for the parents to do. I don't want a stranger talking to my children about sex, gay, straight or otherwise and they definitely don't need to go into positions. The schools should take a clinical approach but leave the rest to the parents, or at least allow the rest to be optional to opt out of. Some parents might be comfortable with it but I don't like the idea of it. My mom never talked to me about it and my sex Ed was severely lacking in knowledge. So I'd much rather give my children what I missed out on.

    • Ya, I think many parents don't know how to bring it up, or even want to talk about it. Even those that understand and accept their children are sexually active as teens, tend to prefer it behind closed doors. I think it is great you want to teach these things yourself, but I really don't believe many parents would want that responsibility/ just wouldn't do it.

      Also I don't think they go that detailed into positions and such, at least not the program I had! they mainly teach you how to get condoms (even for free) and who and where to get tested for STIs, and when it is appropriate to do that. They did actually teach us about the LGBT community as well, though the details were left for small groups where if you were identified with anything other than your sex and straight, then you had a lesson more gauged towards that.

  • I HATED abstinence class, it was the stupidish thing I've ever been in. All they did was shame women for being sexually exploritive, say we were devalued once we had sex, and that we get more attached so men won't and will leave you when theyre bored. They gave us a literal V card.. it was horrible.

    • That is actually horrible... way worse than what I had in school! I also did a private class one a week for a semester as well. It was actually a lot of fun and I am way more responsible for sex than those who did not take the out of school course.

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    • That is great! Another user here said she would prefer it being home schooled, which is good too. Nice to hear parents wanting to be proactive in a positive way with this, though I still believe not nearly enough would do this or find it too awkward. So I favor a school program overall.

    • My brother screamed when he got "the talk" from my mom but she continued anyway xD some parents aren't like that though so i do agree with yoh that it should be in schools

  • Well, if only most old religious people actually listen to reason.


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  • Abstinence shouldn't be taught at all because the states that teach that have the highest teen pregnancies and the highest abortion rates. Abstinence teaching just makes things worse.

  • Im not paying taxes to teach teenagers how to fuck. They can watch porn for free. School is supposed to give you an education to get a job.

    • You really think porn is educational? It is not realistic at all. Also I suppose you don't support them having an hour of gym every day to cut down on childhood obesity? you are 18... how much in taxes could you possibly be paying anyway?

      You could think of it this way, you WILL be paying for their disease treatments, abortions and welfare for teen parents who can't afford the child they were not educated on how to prevent. Trust me, we spend far more on these things than having a once a week class in schools...

    • Please, the shit they try teaching us doesn't help get a job. The hell is gym gonna do for me in a veterinary career? What is science going to do for a future English teacher? Nothing at all.

      Besides, you took sex ed yourself.

    • If your schooling can't land you a job then it is essentially useless. The school system needs to be reformed so it can actually be useful

  • The problem with sex education is they don't teach girls how to give head without scraping their teeth.