What's the meaning of Full time with a placement (SandWich)?

I'm at this UCAS. COM and I'm searching for uni careers, and they're some careers for three years, and the same for four years with a placement (sandwich). What does it means? Has anybody done it before? Experience...
If you're from UK, it will be great.


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  • I'm from the UK. I'd say that three years is just classes, whereas four years is three years classes and then a year practicing what you learnt in that environment - e. g. if you're learning to be a teacher, you'd spend three years studying it, and then you'd spend a year in a school.


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  • By careers I assume you mean degrees?

    It's not SandWich it's sandwich. It's a metaphor. Bread - cheese - Bread
    College - Work - College. It mean you will go on work placement for a year during your time in college. Same amount of classes and material just one year of work in between that's why it takes 4 years instead of 3

    No offense, but if you can't figure that for yourself you might wanna rethink college.

    • Excuse me, I'm not a English person, and I don't live in the UK, i'm from Spain, i'm Spanish and I'm moving to UK this year.
      Like what are you telling me? Do you think I know anything about UK or the system? That's why i'm asking. Ask first before you judge!

    • I move to an English speaking country for college as well, you'll still have to figure it out yourself.

      Seriously if you go the college's website 90% of time they'll eve explain it right there. And if not geez use google

      "Do you think I know anything about UK or the system? That's why i'm asking" if you're planning to go to college there, I would strongly hope so

    • Oh miss perfect, sorry for asking question here in GAG!!,
      WTF, this page is for that!! Miss perfection!!

  • the four year ones just have less classes,

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