Which of these should be my new tattoo?

I'm going to get my first tattoo on my left wrist, and I want it to be words that say either "Limitless" or "No Limits."

The reason being is that for most of my life I have been plagued by limiting beliefs in myself. I was brought up to believe I had limitations on everything. Now that I've freed myself from all that negative energy, I want to inscribe something on my body that will always remind me that the only person who limits myself is myslef alone. And whenever someone tells me I can't do something, I'll always have something to remind myself how wrong they are.

So which one sounds better?

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  • Limitless
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  • there's an album by Crown the Empire called limitless its really good lol


What Guys Said 2

  • I think No Limits meaning you don't place any restictions on yourself

  • Limitless, but probably have it on the inside so a professional employer who has a tattoo issue can't see it an say shit.

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