How should I introduce myself to my flatmates?

Okay so next year for university i'm going to have 1 housemate i know 2 people who are his friends and 2 others. However i only know him because we lived together last year. Anyway i'm trans and kind of in an awkward phase right now where some see me as male and some female and i'm not sure how to introduce myself to them and its sort of worrying.

If you were moving in with new flatmates and one of them was a transgirl how exactly would you like to be told? And what sorta thing would make you more comfortable around them?
Just want to say thanks in advance :)


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  • Just act normal and tell him straight up on your trans and explain it all to him. Let him know everything about it. So that everything is out in the open.

    • If I was going to room with a trans I would hope they would tell me the second we meet. It wouldn't bug me at all and I would be very curious about it.

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    • I've only met one of them before, who i lived with last year. The other 4 i've never met and won't see until September.

    • yay thank you for mho ^^

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  • Do you think your friend will tell in advance the situation to avoid an awkward first meeting

    • He hasn't said if he will. Its up to me.

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    • Hmm, but then they might have some bad ideas beforehand. At least if i tell them in person they'd have chance to ask me stuff.

    • Good point

  • Wouldn't need to know. Just be a decent person and we'll get along fine. I wouldn't ask

    • Unfortunately im at a point where some see me as a girl and some as a guy :/
      If i introduce myself as female and they see me as male it could cause issues

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