How can I avoid falling in love?

Based on what I've seen and heard, love is an overwhelming but temporary feeling that seems to lead to all sorts of problems. People get married and lose their house, kids and money to their ex's who now hate them, people overlook the reality of the other person's personality and tolerate abuse, theft and let themselves be mistreated by allowing themselves to be tricked by love. People spend lots of money on people who'll leave and time on people who don't care.

In my opinion, the one thing most likely to cause me misery in the future is falling in love. I'm going to have to deal with people and probably have sex as well but how can I do that without falling in love. My life would be much better if I could forget about love and focus on my career.


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  • Go live in a cave and off the lay of the land.

    • Is that really the only way? Based on all the movies, that doesn't work either.

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    • yay thank you for mho ^^

    • Thanks for your answer. :-)

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  • If that is your attitude going in, then yeah, you falling in love probably will end in misery. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Personally, I have higher hopes for myself. And at the moment, I'm quite sure I'm right. I've got an awesome boyfriend who I love more every day. Six months in and we still haven't had a fight.

    • How does ignorance of the risks help?

    • It's not ignorance to believe that I can have a positive, loving relationship. I understand all the things that can go wrong, and I keep my eyes open for red flags when dating so I can avoid bullshit. That's kind of why I spent most of my life single up until now. This is the first relationship I've had that's gotten to the six month mark, because I always pick out the red flags pretty quickly. By NOT being ignorant of the bullshit a lot of people come with, I've managed to avoid it.

  • Why would you want to avoid love, despite all you said? Love is SO worth all of the difficultly that comes along with it. Casual sex, which in my opinion is pointless, is what you should avoid.

    • I just can't see it not going badly. I feel crap enough as it is.

    • Lol love and life in generally actually are all about taking risks and risking something bad happening. IF you don't take risks sometimes then you miss opportunities that could have been great for you. Only cowards try to avoid things like this.

  • Go to toilet and piss and shit. People tend to fall in love easily when they got poop stored in their ass.

  • You can run, but you can't hide from feelings creeping up before you know it.

    • Maybe but let's not be defeatist here.

  • you can't stop feelings.

    • Can I at least control them?

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  • Ta see real love isn't temporary, it is at times overwhelming but it isn't temporary. And when you find that love that is true and eternal you won't hesitate to do everything in your power to spend the rest of your life with them

    • Real love isn't real. It's an emotion that just clouds your judgement. It's effects are real, what it makes you think is not.

    • When you truly love someone you'll realize how dumb that sounded. Look if you have never loved anyone so much that nothing else matters but that person, then there is nothing i can say that will help you understand that. All i can say is that one day when you look up and find yourself in love don't fight it, because you think its going to cloud your judgment. It doesn't it clears everything up, it helps you prioritize.

    • I hope you're right.

  • Some marriages work out very happily