Is this a good thing if people tell me this?

I've never been called ugly except for once by my own cousin when we were little.

People usually call me adorable, sometimes cute, and sometimes they would say I have a nice "aura".

I personally don't like hearing these things. Calling someone adorable and or saying they are attractive because they have a nice "aura" just feels like they actually think I'm ugly, but they don't want to hurt my feelings so they better find some positive words to describe me. It's like a bandaid to a wound.

Am I wrong in understanding those said phrases? What do you usually think when you tell someone they're adorable or that they have a good aura or charm?

Because I don't think I have a positive aura at all. I have a bitchy default face so yeah. Lol



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  • I think people are trying to compliment you - You should try and accept them it might make you feel better in long run

    • How can I feel good if I feel likethose compliments aren't genuine? That those compliments are just a band aid to the fact that they don't think I look good?

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  • A picture would've really helped

    • This is not a rate me question. And charm or aura is rarely visible on pics

    • Well its a good thing I get that a lot too plus I'm pretty Irresistible.

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  • I don't like the words adorable or cute or whatever, it was fine when I was 10. Now when people say it, it makes me feel like a little girl. So nope I don't like it being used at my age.

    Some people genuinely mean it but I don't think they understand that it's a big NO. Like come on, people called me cute/adorable when I was like 5-10 now it's just plain annoying

    • Well, cute is still a good thing for me. But I usually say adorable if I can't find any other positive words to describe someone's looks. So adorable, to me, is a disguised insult.