Any advice on wow to fastly find a job/work after being fired?

Couple of months ago I had my first job (which was VERY GOOD as for beginner in term of working and wage wise) and I have gained a lot of experience from it and I got fired because it wasn't my type of job but since interview went well and they offer the place, I gave it a try because why not? and it didn't work out after couple of months, are there any advice from you guys that you can give me to fastly get into another job? I have been unemployed for around 4 - 5 months now and I really badly want to find another job but somehow I can't get into any? I have fairly good grades, a lot of qualifications and good knwoledge in what I do.

Any advice please?


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  • Apply anywhere where you see a "now hiring" sign. Research the place where you're applying to see if it's a place where you'd want to stay until you find something better. Unfortunately, most of the jobs like that are going to be retail or otherwise customer service-oriented, so you may have to do that for a while.

    Also, think about what you want to do long-term.

    Think carefully about how you'll respond when you're asked why you left your last job (that question WILL be on any application you submit). Never smack-talk your last job for any reason at all, whether on the application or in an interview. That's an automatic red flag.

    You're in a position of advantage if you already have a job, so you need to accept any jobs that might come your way. If it's retail or anything else that's customer service, they'll anticipate that you won't be around long, but don't broadcast it and DON'T tell them that before they've even hired you.

    Good luck.


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  • then u should tone down yer standards bro. if u r desperate bout havin a job then even workin at mcdonald's would still b an option

    • McDonalds and KFC is a big NO for me.

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    • Yes, that's true but I still ain't consider McDonalds and KFS...

    • eh ok i won't force u, but if i was really desperate for a job i'd do

  • Put a resume online and fill out applications is a start.