Do you agree to pass a law protecting wild animals from captivity?

It is not right that wild animals are deprived of their natural habitat, and instead confine them in a Zoo, in a cage at home, tied to some pole with a chain in a field, or in any other artificial setting.

Why don't we vote against this cruelty, and pass a law to make it illegal to hold wild animals captive unneccesarily.

No Zoos, no Circuses involving animals, no cages at home, etc.

A vettanary for example may have cages, but that is a special case requireing a licence. A licence which is very difficult to obtain. :)

  • I agree, wild animals SHOULD NOT be held in captivity UNNECESSARILY.
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  • I disagree, wild animal can be held in captivity unnecessarily.
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  • I totally agree with option A


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  • Yes, wild animals have feelings too! Beleive it or not, they go insane at zoos and they cry


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  • I find zoos distasteful. I prefer habitat parks that allow animals freedom while protecting them from poachers.

  • Why should animals be kept in zoos for display? It's wrong, and they should be released back into the wild where they belong.

  • Depends on the species,
    a lot of animals are safer in Zoo's and artifical habitats (Captivity) then they are in the wild,
    Take the Panda for example, in the wild it is rapidly becoming extinct, but in captivity the specie is flourishing.
    Same goes for a lot of Big cats that are very very very few in numbers in the wild, but a lot in captivity, its because we can protect them in captivity.
    What would you rather look at, A load of Pandas in a artificial habitat, or study panda skeletons after they died out?, i know which one i would pick...

    • Well that is a special case where certain species are kept in captivity temporary to save them from extinction.
      You do not mean to say that the rest can be held in captivity as well right?
      I specifically sated that when they are kept in captivity UNNECESSARILY that the law should protect.
      In the case of Pandas there is a very good reason why they are being held captive. Although come to think of it, extinction is a natural process as well. It means nature eliminates species which have not adapted well enough!

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    • I get what you're saying, Its like how in Australia there was native frog species introduced into the eco system, and suddenly, these frogs completely took over the land, and now the government actually has, almost 'death camps' for frogs where they collect all these millions of frogs and burn them because they are destroying the ecosystem.
      I get tampering with the natural order of things, but, Take the panda, the reason they are dying is not because they aren't well adapted, They are INCREDIBLY well adapted, they are dying out because we are killing them and taking their land, Thats not natural selection, thats just humans being dicks, so we owe it to them to put them into a save environment, And sadly this is the story for almost all endangered species, its our fault they got to where they are, not them being not suited for the environment, just us destroying said environment.

    • Well I guess the Panda case is a special one, and as I said already I agree with them being held captive to preserve there race until for example there new habitat grows back again.
      I was giving a more general answer regarding extinction and predation - the elimination of the weak and preservation of good genes.

  • I disagree.

  • Considering the damage we do to wild animal population zoos actually seem like a safer way to keep animals around. Then again they would keep them from evolving.