What is your favorite shift to work?

If you've never had a job, which shift would you want to work?

I life first shift the best, since you get the whole day after work to yourself. Third shift is nice to, since you have every day off (I don't sleep much anyway.) Second shift is ok, except it cuts into your social life. Mid-shift is the worst, it kills your entire day.

What about you guys?

  • First Shift (Morning shift)
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  • Second Shift (Afternoon shift)
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  • Third Shift (Graveyard shift)
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  • Mid-Shift (Mid-morning, to mid-day. Usually 11 AM to 7 PM.)
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  • All shifts are equal to me.
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  • Other (double-shifts, split-shifts, etc. Explain what you mean.)
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@linkywinky You gave the most thorough answer and even ranked the shifts. Thanks!


Most Helpful Girl

  • In order:

    1. Split shift
    2. Morning shift
    3. Afternoon shift

    Split shifts and morning shifts always seem to make the day go by SUPER fast, whereas with afternoon shifts it just seems to drag. The only pro to an afternoon shift is having time to do things BEFORE work instead of having to do them after when all you want to do is go home and relax.

    • Interesting. I personally think split-shifts make time go overbearingly slow, since it's right in the middle of your day. I would rather do things after work (instead of before work) but that's just me.

    • Oh, I guess we have different definitions of split shifts or our jobs do or something I dunno lol.

      A split shift to me is when you go in and work a couple hours, then go home and don't come back until a couple hours later, and then your second part is only a couple hours as well. Maybe I didn't understand haha

    • Yes, that is what a split-shift is. I have no idea why I said that actually. I was thinking of mid-shift when I was writing.

      I think split-shifts can make the day go by fast but I think going in two separate times really sucks.

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What Girls Said 4

  • I'll take third shift. That's when my dad works and I'm practically born for that part considering I sleep in most days and stay up all night.

  • Morning shift.

    My friend works 730 to 230, and that's the ideal shift to me

  • Mornings always so I can get out of there earlier

  • neither cuz i can't work i'm too young but probably all shifts except morning


What Guys Said 5

  • Morning shift since I'll then have more than enough time to do things in the day

  • Morning shift. Getting up early is a bitch but once you're up, you're up, and you get to finish early. I used to do 6am-2pm and it left me with most of the afternoon free!

    • Right, that's a great shift!

      My current job right now schedules me five A. M. to ten or eleven A. M. five days a week. It's part-time unfortunately but I still love it! I get out so early.

  • I like night shifts

  • Early shift on what would be my Friday is best to kick start my personal weekend 'cause I would get off earlier.

  • Flexible shifts.