Has the internet made people less open to actual discussion or is it something else?

when on the internet I feel as if its always about, here's my opinion, I'm right your wrong, end of story. what ever happened to discussion? what happened to the flow of ideas? I feel like the internet while inherintly a good thing leading more people to have a voice, was also a catch 22. I feel like more people tend to think what they or a select group of people think is right and everyone else is wrong and are not willing to discuss and even potentially change their minds. Now this probably isn't ALL due to the internet, and I'm sure in our past, people have always been like this, they just didn't have the major outlet like the internet to express themselves (seeing as how the paper etc etc would have been pretty expensive to express just an opinion... then again its still expensive now). it seems to be like "welcome to the internet, where everyone has an opinion, and no one cares to listen". Maybe thats just how our society has been this whole time and with the advent of the internet it just allowed it to be seen more easily?

what are your thoughts on this? I'm hoping to bring some good discussion with this question.

thank you all for taking the time in reading and answering my question, I hope you have a great day!

do you feel this kind of "my opinion is right yours is wrong and i won't LISTEN to what anyone else has to say" has carried over into real world talks between people?


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  • I completely agree with you.

    A lot of people on here tend to be very set in their way of thinking.

    I'm not asking to be agreed with.

    But I'm asking for people to have the ability to see that it's okay to have opposing opinions. There's no need to curse or insult, but at least respect a view that is different from yours.

    In every day life,
    We cross paths with people that are from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.
    How can be possibly say we are okay with every one if we cannot accept that yes, people do think differently. And that is okay!


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  • The internet really isn't the best venue for a rational discussion as there's no actual human to human interaction. Without being face to face, a lot of the context from vocal cues are lost. It makes it sound like people are a lot angrier than they actually are.


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  • i dunno i've got mixed feelings bout it... sometimes i feel internet's gr8, very helpful and da most important invention of 20th century... but sometimes i feel it makes life more complicated... like when it comes how should u use it, which sites u should use... or if u don't know da x-istance of this site u might pass as an alien, or if u r not a member on these sites u r an outcast.
    and of course there would always b a big part of yer life where u'll regret bout yer past actions there. it really sucks

  • The internet made comments the cancer of the internet.