Which streaming service do you prefer & what do you think about illegal downloading?

Which streaming service do you prefer & what do you think about illegal downloading?
I really hated TIDAL when it first came out because I thought it was elitist. But actually it was some TIDAL users who were elitist, writing comments like "you can't use tidal with your $10 headphones, it's not being marketed to your broke asses". Its price isn't higher than others, only thing wrong with it is it's working to get rich artists properly paid, not struggling ones. I'd choose TIDAL out of all.

I wanted to sign up for Spotify, but due to technical difficulties (I'm in Turkey, I got a USA iTunes account because the Turkish one sucks, only to find out I can't redeem Turkish gift cards) I couldn't. So, I just pirate and use Apple Music's free radio sometimes. It's not ethical, but I can and I do.

Tumblr is full of "When Jay Z supported artists everyone bashed him but now everyone is praising T Swift because she's white" right now. To be clear, Taylor is the one I despise. White or not, she's bitchy.

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  • I use spotify. When I had a laptop I'd download all of my music using video to MP3 converter. Also used pirate bay for movies. I don't care about illegal downloads they get enough money as it is. Lol


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What Guys Said 2

  • Pirate download. I know its illigal lol, but since I got no job yet, can't help 😂😂
    Use VPN or PROXY if you can't download them.
    Then manually load it to iTunes and listen 😉
    Good luck:)

  • Piracy.

    Google's free radio service seems pretty good so far though.


What Girls Said 3

  • I use Google Play Music.

  • Pandora, simply because it's cheaper than Spotify. Though I do love Spotify. As for illegal downloading, those days stopped back in the day when I got a virus that 2 corporate IT guys couldn't solve and so the computer had to be thrown away.

    • Try flvto. com. You just copy-paste the TouTube link. I never got any viruses from it

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    • Okay, your choice. It's just a YouTube converter though, I think you just used complex techniques unnecessarily. I did that once and got a malware, cleared it.

    • I don't think you have ever had a real serious virus. Like one that completely takes over the computer and you can't control anything.

  • Pandora radio.. And I always pirate

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