How will European nations maintain their cultural identities?

... in light of their very low fertility rates coupled with the flood of Muslim and African immigrants? Are those nations going to become 3rd world hell holes? As you munch your Brie and drink your Chateau Lafitte, ask yourselves what your few grandchildren will face. Do you really care so long as your pensions out live you?

One answer is forced removal. I envision roundups of feral populations and military flotillas to Algeria or Tunisia. Fascist? Yes, but it's either that or annihilation. Mean, bloody, barbaric and necessary.
Another is autonomous zones like Gaza with externally defended borders.


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  • The answer is simple. We will not maintain anything. The democrats have achieved in less than 70 years what the barbarians couldn't achieve in a european history of 2000 years. Promotion of feminism, anti racism is promoted in white countries ONLY for that exact purpose. To make us a minority in our own ancestral homelands, with millions of so called immigrants who are nothing more than invaders, all this in a continent that happens to be the creator of human civilisation. The result is a formless mass of people without any sort of identity that can be controlled easier until all hell will broke loose.
    Europeans are getting murdered and raped and our treacherous governments with anti racists organisations whine about evil white racists. Their silencing tactic is always the same. Whites now form less than 10% of the worlds population.
    Leaders of anti racists organisations have admitted many times that it is all about hating white people.


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  • I don't care about my cultural identity, multiculturalism is fine for me and I can't see how it's a bad thing to be influenced by other cultures. My grandchildren will likely be fine, and if they're not, it's not going to be the fault of immigrants.

  • Oh here we go.

    • No there you go (into the sunset)

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    • You have proven what an anti white racist bigot you are. Hey asker why do you even allow her to continue posting on here?

    • Racism is the belief one ethnicity is inherently superior to another. Everyone is born equal but some cultures are more successful than others and should be preserved. If a (Name your ethnicity) wants to assimilate into my culture, they are welcome. If they want to sponge off of mine while establishing a beached for theirs in my country, they should be sent home

  • I don't plan on having children, but please don't blame me for low birth rates...
    I don't like it that so many immigrants are allowed into Europe.

    • You are indeed part of the problem.

    • haha, you don't know me. my children would hate me. I can't even properly take care of a pet...

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  • The West is sleep-walking toward its own self-inflicted destruction. I pray that it wakes up before it's too late.

  • Some of those immigrants assimilated in the white they generations of having mixed children with more white partners.

    Also lots of French men marry and have children with the northern African girls, so it's not like they're being forced to decrease their numbers.

    Things is until countries in Africa and Middle East have a vast improvement, people will keep flocking elsewhere.

    And I don't think white peoples have a low fertility rate, they choose to use condoms more often and have less children because of financial burden

    • "Low fertility rate" is not about biology. It is about choosing not to have children.

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    • So long as they are willing to live under sharia.

    • Are you talking about sharia in the Middle East?
      Cause I know there's no way any European country all let them have sharia law

  • They won't. They'll get sissified over the next few decades (via homosexuality, feminism, transsexualism, liberalism, tolerance, you name it), will get outbred by muslims and then they'll get killed in jihad.

    • Alarmingly true. That's what the Saracen have planned. The too clever COEXIST bumper sticker is not doable.

    • Well, it's more or less acceptable from our geopolitical point of view:
      If Europeans will find their long lost balls and defeat the barbarians, their countries still will be heavily damaged due to jihad/civil war. That we us and China will be able to establish strong political and economic influence over them.
      Not as fascist like the one USA is having over EU right now, no, actually more fair one.

      If Europeans win, I just hope they'll be able to deal as much damage as possible. Additionally, I assume we'll discover new types of weapons of mass destruction (without causing too much radiation), wipe barbarians along with Europe with it and colonize it a century or so later.

      Both cases sound okay to me.

    • that will* allow us and China

      What's up with me and typos today...

  • Why would they want to. Cultures change, that's history. Wanting to "preserve" your culture is just a coded way of saying you want to control the course of events, you want power. That's the root cause of all kinds of nastiness.

    • How about preserving educational standards in med school? How about preserving standards in criminal and civil law?

      Preserving culture is not about power or control. It is about equal opportunity because we all go by the same rules/mores. It is about civility.

  • This is what 60 years of feminism and socialism has brought

    • Sooner or later, "normalcy" will reach the point of annoyance with these leftist cock roaches that 100 million armed Americans will deal with them in extreme prejudice. That uprising will make Watts and Baltimore look like block parties. No police or military force can suppress 100 million armed Americans undoing the damages perpetrated by POTUS, SCOTUS and Congress. I dont want this and hope I never see lt, but I fear it is coming..

    • I hear that. They push gun laws to disarm americans but at the same time dont do a damm thing about the food industry ruining small farms and selling us poisonous foods from china tainted with chemicals its things like thus that shows the government are not looking out for you.

    • Well, actually American cops are extremely militarized. I mean, what will your Smith & Wesson do against and SUV that is built to withstand a landmine and a direct rocket hit? You don't believe me? Google it up. They even had them riding during recent riots.

      Heck, I heard their cops get more ammo per year (something like 1.7 billion rounds? That's approximately 5 bullets PER EACH American regardless of age) than they spent slaughtering innocents in a whole Iraq illegal invasion campaign.

      And, oh, don't forget artillery and other types of heavy weaponry. If you think for a second American government won't do that, well, they supported Ukrainian government in using such weaponry on their former territories that declared independence (Donetsk and Lugansk Republics) as a result of a staged coup.

      Besides, do I have to remind which country was the only one to ever actually use nukes?

  • It's the fall of Western civilisation. This is white genocide. Feminism rising, immigrants taking over Europe, politcal correctness corrupting the minds of great people of Europe, no guns, can't defend from islamic and African invasion turning the the great chosen continent into a hell hole.. Europe is doomed.

  • What cultural identities?

    • You don't think French and Germans see cultural identities?

    • I mean which ones.

  • Sounds a lot like the US... I think it is worse here

    • the situation is much worse in Europe.

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    • Hope so, but I dont see it happening.
      Yes, I know Europe has a problem. Did you see the videos of the people running off the boats in france a week ago?

    • Our problem is serious but NOTHING like Europe's.