How to stop bad habits?

They're habits I don't wantt to go into, but how do I stop them?


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  • Realizing that you have a bad habit is the 1st step.

    The next step is attempting to break the chain before it grasps a bigger hold on to you.

    (It's hard to advise you when I really don't know what you habit is) but I'll try my best,

    Attempt to wean yourself off of your habit instead of quitting cold turkey.
    (That is the most difficult to do).

    Keep weaning off then eventually stop altogether.

    A way you can visually see your change is,
    Get a empty jar.
    Each day that you do not do this habit, put a penny in the jar.
    When you break into your habit (remove that penny).
    If you continue without breaking your habit eventually that jar will become full.
    You will visually see your growth.
    It will make you feel great that you came that far.

    Good luck!
    I wish you well progress.


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  • I had mild OCD when I was younger, every time I caught myself doing something repititive or or doing a or wanting to do a habit, I'd say 'that's satan telling you to do that' rather you believe in God or not it's not really about satan more about reminding yourself it's a habit by thinking that and reminding yourself it can be broken.

  • hypnosis works very well


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  • You just have to be aware when you do the habit so you can fix it. And choose the new way you want to be

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