Anyone else see the instincts in people instead of the talk they do (Alison Talk)?

(Hello People, it's time for some Alison Talk. Here I Alison will post the truths of how people truly think and feel.)

Men and women are indoctrinated to think and believe from the day they are born. We see it on TV, in the movies and in music videos.

"It's wants on the inside that counts"
"I love him for his personalty"
"I don't mind if she can't cook"
"Her looks aren't everything."
'His height isn't important"
"I don't like big muscle guys"
"I love older women"
"I married my ugly hubby because I love him"

What humans really think and feel because reproductive instincts control you.

"I don't care what's on the inside... he is butt ugly"
"How he handles events in his life is why I love him... not so much hid dorky personality"
"She damn well better cook"
"God I hope she doesn't get fat"
"Short guys? Hell no! Sista needs some giants"
"Sista need some beef"
"I need dat jailbait booty.. NOW!!!"
"I'm an ugly bitch that can't do any better"


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