I just did an hit and run unknowingly. Who would you blame?

Hey everyone and thanks for answering in advance.

I'm 19 and I started driving around one month ago (you need to be 18 to get your license in Portugal), and my first car that I've been driving until now is a commercial Toyota Corolla that my father uses as his main car. It's a fairly large car and certainly not one that is recommended to new drivers but anyways...

I was following a friend that was riding his quad on a fairly narrow street. Suddenly I'm facing 2 cars, one on each side of the street, and I'm having some severe trouble seeing if I fit in between them. I signal my friend to stop his quad and help me with this, meanwhile the owner of one of the cars comes and helps too. I signal to both I'd like to just give up and back away, but both my friend and this stranger keep signaling me to come forward.

Anyways, aparently I messed up the direction in some way, and ended up hearing a BANG while I was passing in between the cars, very close to the car at my left. I look over to the stranger (around 40 years old, and he owned the car at my right, which was safe and far away) and he simply has this worried look on his face, but keeps telling me to come forward. He doesn't say anything; he just signals me to come forward, then he goes away.

We parked the car a bit ahead on that road and noticed that the driver's door had this huge black line going from one side to the other. At this point I honestly didn't know if that was already there or if I had just done that. We decide to turn back and go home. By the time we pass by the cars again, both cars are now parked in a row, with both drivers inside and we pass without any problems, and again not one of the other drives does anything to stop us.

So I got home and had my father take a look at the car with me, and as it turns out I crashed into the other one.

I'm kinda worried those guys will go to the cops. Listening to the story, who

*who would you put most of the blame on?


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  • In America this would always be your fault. You were driving the vehicle and you crashed into someone else.

    In reality, your friend/neighbor fucked up by telling you to move forward. You should have followed your instinct and just backed up to be on the safe side. Let this be a lesson to you.

    The "right" thing to do would be to leave on a note on the other car with your contact information. In the United States we have insurance companies that handle that.

    The reality is that most people in your situation would simply keep their mouths shut and not report this. If there were no cameras around and no witnesses then you can get away with this, without paying anything. This happens quite often, and usually with much greater damage than a scratch across the side of the car. But there are risks if you decide to get away with it: Were their cameras around? Did anybody see you? Do you live in a small town and would it be possible for someone to recognize you?

    - You don't want to be caught for that. In all honesty this sounds like a very minor, superficial problem. What would have to be done is probably a new paint job but other than that the integrity of the car is still intact.

    • Lesson learned :)

      The only witness around was the guy that was giving me instructions, and he is friends with the guy whose car I hit (and I assume that after I drove away, he went to the guy's house, told him what happened, and the guy came outside and moved the car, so when we passed by on our way back, he was just finishing parking properly behind his friend's car).

      Not such a big problem, but in Portugal we have 3 years after we get our license when we can't screw up ANYTHING or we have our licenses taken and have to re-do them all over again. And it wasn't just a key-like scratch. The line is REALLY big. I should have posted a pic. Anyways all that has to happen is for one of those guys to go to the cops. The car has my father's company stamped on the back, and we passed by them twice so they most likely have the plate number as well.

    • Well then. Better to be safe and talk to these people. But try and talk to them so that you can work out a deal... Write a check to these guys in payment for the damages but don't report it. Obviously, if you report it then you'll get your license revoked. Of course, this has risks of it's own. What if the guy later claims that you never paid him (that's why you write a check --- paper trail)? Discuss this with your father.

    • Thanks for answering :)

      My biggest fear is being accused of hit and run and not stopping after the accident. Not exactly the accident itself, because having an accident like that isn't against the law.

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  • Talk to your insurance agent.

  • you should go to the cops first.


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  • you should try and nip this in the butt. call your insurance and ask them for advice but hit and run is illegal and you are the person who is going to be considered liable for the accident since you were the driver

    in America hit and run is considered felonious so I'd try to get ahead of the matter rather than hope it just goes away especially if the damage is at all significant

  • Well, you.

    • So what do you think I should have done?

      Going back to the main point of the situation: you are on your car following a friend, and you don't think you can fit your car in between 2 cars that are basically blocking an already narrow road. You signal to your friend you need help, and 2 people come help you, signaling you what to do. You hear a noise, you can't tell what it his, and the person right in front of you keeps telling you to go forward.

      What do you do?

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    • By the way don't feel too bad or beat yourself up over it. As I said accidents do happen, no one got hurt, and the major things that really matter are fine as no one's car burst into flames or anything.

    • My biggest fear is that I get accused of hit and run, not exactly the accident by itself. If they go to the police and make it seem like I knew that I had hit the other car and didn't stay to see if anything was needed but decided to run to avoid accusations, that's where things get really tricky.

  • Can someone translate this into English

    • Well you were the only one who didn't understand it so I don't know.

      I can give you some English classes if you want them, seems like you could use a few