Happy 4th of July/Independence day GAG users. What do you think of my 4th of July speech not just only for GAG but throughout the internet?

Here's my speech I like to share for GAG, along with the rest of the other social media websites (Facebook, Youtube, etc.):

On a day like this, people here on the internet need to stop bringing so much negative BS about America and other countries with their own different problems. Stop all of this America is a "White only" country remark, "black people hate America" remark, or "I'm American and I'm better than the rest of the world" or "America is the cause of all illnesses around the world". No one wants to hear any of that bullshit baggage on a special day like this.

Today's the day where we should celebrate by respecting and appreciating the USA for what it is and regardless of race/ethnicity, religious faith and political party (whether you're white, black, Latino, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Conservative, Liberal, etc.), we're all Americans regardless (for those that are American citizens).

For those, that live outside of the US (Non-Americans), don't worry, we don't think we're superior to your countries. We respect your country along with your cultures and values as they are. We just happen to be very loud and proud of our own country.

As a proud American of Mexican descent/Hispanic ethnicity, we may not be a perfect country but we still currently have the most independent freedoms and the most equal oppurtunities (for all sorts of people) than the vast majority of the world and that's what I love about my country (the US). Happy 4th of July everyone. - Aztecwarrior480

** My reason for such a typed speech of mine like this is because of all the negativity you hear from both sides (Americans and Non-Americans). Yes, I know this is the internet and you'll always expect all sorts of negativity but still, I figured today's 4th of July so I might as well get this off my chest. **
Happy 4th of July/Independence day GAG users. What do you think of my 4th of July speech not just only for GAG but throughout the internet?


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  • It brought up good points but one thing they tonight in my journalism classes that you kinda did was how you just droned out facts without much backdrop, personally I would have stated events from history, how Americans overcame them, and many times they did it by uniting, and then led into how it can be done again in the present

    • What do you mean? I was just pointing out all of the negativity being brought onto the internet by a bunch of complainers on a day like 4th of July. All of the racists can fuck off and leave the country if they can't handle non-white, non-christian people living in the US and all of the complainers about the country in general can leave too if the amount of opportunities, freedoms and many sort of things provided for them by our government aren't enough to satisfy them.

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    • Well, I don't know any other better way to explain the other things that you might have had some difficulty comprehending but all I can say is, the US may not be a perfect country (then again, which country is "perfect"?) but Americans of all sorts of different backgrounds need to stop dividing each other and tearing each other apart. I get that we have "freedom of speech" and "freedom of expression" but people have no right to tell others (who are legal immigrants or Native-born US citizens) of a different background that they don't belong in the US just because they don't like them for whatever stupid reason it is.

    • I also get that we aren't legally obligated to get along with everyone but again, they have no right to hostilely interfere with other people's live's and freedoms just because they dislike them.

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  • Only citizens? What about non-citizens in America?

    • Well, happy independence day for them too, whether they're permanent residents, visitors or even some illegal immigrants (who came to the US to try very hard to gain their full US citizenship).

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