Why Street Fighter IV as a fighting game for beginners?

Hello, I am a beginner fighting game player... very beginner. Actually, I do play a lot of street fighter alpha (1,2,3) on Mame arcade emulator with the keyboard. I find the keyboard to be comfortable but not always. I do get along with characters like Ken or Adon/Rolento in the game. Or Sakura but she is classed under ken's category too. The thing is I can't even throw in that game (forward or backward+ three punches/kicks). Anyway, I can do things in these games and I feel that I do good enough (against the A. I). But everyone suggests Street Fighter IV (Ultra being the latest version). I tried out ryu's challenge mode and the timing in this game is very different. This game doesn't have a good learning mode. No. It throws you in a stage, it tells you to do a mid crouching jab, then another crouching jab and then a high crouching kick. That's not even easy here. It needs very specific timing and it's really tight. If you are too late the opponent will block it or if you do it too quick the button won't even register or the attack will whiff. I can't seem to follow the pacing needed here. I can't also see how could someone win under high pressure with this kind of combat system. Every time you attack either you or the opponent is knocked back (counts for every hit you land or block). It's very unlikely I will ever get good at this. What do you think? Another question: Do you think persona 4 arena ultimax's learning mode is better?
Side note:I have actually beaten all three alpha games! (Impressive for someone like me, you wouldn't know. Sorry *blush*)

Please? Anybody? This question can't be that hard


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  • Play mortal kombat. It's much more advanced

    • Is it? I watch that professional Street Fighter player Daigo and he makes me want to play street fighter but the game is much more technical than fun

    • Street fighter is just as advanced as mk... it's all about technique and character knowledge.. learn to zome, punish characters is the corner... just as good as MK, but with a better online experience.

    • Does mortal kombat X feature the same combat system? With such tight timing? If you have played the arcade street fighter (alpha,2,3rd strike) It's much easier to do a 3 to 4 hit combo than in IV. I can't even land a 3 hit combo with ryu in that game