Will Messi ever win a title with Argentina?

I feel like in order to even match Maradona, He does have to win an international title cuz thats what maradone did, messi is not young but he still does have a few more chancez, will he ever win a title with his country?

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  • I think he probably will. I don't think he needs to do so to equal Maradona. Maybe in the eyes of the Argentine public but not in football history.

    George Best never played in a world cup but Fernando Torres has a world cup and two European championship wins. Who was the better player? International success is a poor measure of a player's quality as a lot of it is out of the hands of even the best players.


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  • yeah i think so.


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  • As I understand it, there currently isn't a football category in the paralympic games in which dwarves are eligible to compete, and at any rate, Argentina have a very poor record in disabled sports - so no, I don't think it's very likely.