80s music poll: Favorite album by Robert Palmer/Power Station/Arcadia?

Robert Palmer had changed many music styles durin his career, and he’s most popular for his song “Addicted To Love”. My fav albums by him would b both “Riptide”, and of course da more new-wavish “Clues”

Power Station were a Duran Duran’s side project including Robert Palmer as lead singer. They had 2 hits back then wid “Some Like It Hot” and “Get It On”…their self-titled album was gr8 as well.

Arcadia were another Duran Duran’s side project, and their album “So Red The Rose” was even better than many of their albums they released as Duran Duran in my opinion

  • Clues (Robert Palmer)
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  • Pride (Robert Palmer)
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  • Riptide (Robert Palmer)
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  • Heavy Nova (Robert Palmer)
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  • Power Station (Power Station)
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  • So Red The Rose (Arcadia)
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