GAGers do you agree with this quote?

I don’t like quotes generally, but I figured out this quote a while ago, and I believe it’s sth some GAGers should follow:

“Instead of poopin into other ppl’s questions, ask a question about poo. “

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  • If I am getting the Drift here, @Klaatu51, about how other people just Pop into Your Question instead of Answering in their own, then I Agree they Should go to their own territory and Not Mess with yours with their own... Poop.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, @Klaatu51, for allowing me to Share what I never Dared... You are still my hero.:)) xxoo

    • u r welcome... and thanks :)

    • Oh, so welcome, @Klaatu51 as always.:)) xx

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  • Agree to a degree
    I am poet and I didn't know it
    Hope I don't blow it

  • Please, for the love of God, don't ask questions about poop.

    • poop questions r ok. i don't have any prob wid 'em. wot annoys me more's when some1 trolls on other ppl's questions.
      i'd rather some1 askin a question "which GAGer's shit would u like 2 smell?" than some1 who posts "yeah he likes u" in a serious question, without readin it 1st.

      of course i don't x-pect Xper should b given for poop-related questions, or any questions generally. dat would b ridiculous. u should get no Xper after postin a question.

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    • Don't give me MHO. The lower my ranking the better.

    • ok then

  • I disagree cause if one don't get poo'ed on for their questio nor comment they may just continue to live a confused sheltered life.

  • Yes i agree with you this has happened to me so many times
    with them popping onto my opinions with something rude to say
    why don't they just leave a opinion of their own even it was just
    a shitty one that i do agree if I'm wrong i accept lol..

  • People always mess their poop with others... No poop 💩 related questions please.