Sometimes I just need help to make me feel better?

I am the one who cares for others, overthink how she acted around he so called crush who she's doesn't even know and how I embarrassed myself around him. I am the one who thinks she is hated by everyone, I believe they make fun of me and my body ( I have broad shoulders, inverted triangle, not muscular) even though I've been told I have the body of a. Model or even an amazing body. That doesn't work for me. My lack of self confidence kills me. I can't handle that and I need help.
After 2 months of vacation I still think that my crush keeps staring at me because he thinks I like him.
i keep thinking that this girls hates me.
i get jealous from sth at girl!
i lack self-love and self-worth and it's killing me.


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  • I think one of the reasons you struggle with self-esteem is because you are using your looks to feel good about yourself. It does not matter how beautiful or attractive you are - when you base your self-worth on your appearance, it leads to depression and misery, self-hatred and jealousy and a loss of respect by the men you try to or want to date. You need to focus on the inner you - cultivate a sense of identity based on how you treat and respond to others and not on what you look like - this will give you the motivation that you need to hold your head up high - even when it is raining outside.

    • Thank you for your sweet words and help! I know that well I am trying my best with that! Of course looks are not everything but nowadays guys and people actually make u feel that that is everything! I'll try to get this thought away maybe one day I'll hold my head up high- even when it is raining outside! I just love this🙈 thank u soooo much! Best of luck. U really helped me

    • I'm glad it helps :)

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  • Sounds good.

    • That's totally right! Sometimes I feel that people won't even like who I am! I don't know why! You are true and I know that! Thank you for your sweet words! It really touched me.. I hope one day I can get this thought away. Thank u

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