Why is it so hard to get a job in America?

Or is it just me especially the lower level jobs they actually tend to be harder anyone else notice this


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  • It's because not only are there more job seekers than there are jobs, but there are also many people applying for the same thing. These big franchise/corporate places have plenty of job openings, but for every opening there there's about 500 people at the very least (and I mean that literally) applying for it. College kids needing some extra cash, adults in need of income, etc.

    As for jobs, there have been many places around the country closing down. Radioshack for example. Sears and K-mart for another. These companies usually do these things because they are losing money, and cannot keep functioning. Therefore, jobs are also lost. They won't be handed another job just because they were hired previously. Nope, now they gotta find another job somewhere else.

    It's not just that though. There are also less and less people trying to start up companies, mainly because they have competition that will run them into the dirt before they can even compete. It could be said that this is a monopoly, or it could be said that this is what would happen if we all just went to the same store. Or even as a sign of future coming, as we can obtain more and more things online now. Why bother getting ready to go outside and shop when you can stay home and do so on your laptop?

    You could be just looking in the wrong areas though, or maybe your resume isn't as good as it could be. Volunteer work can get you through plenty, trust me. I only volunteered for one thing, over three years though, and the second place I applied for, they hired me on the spot. You need more to yourself, more experience and/or volunteer work done. Find something you like to do, and use that as experience. ... Also, don't apply for Wal-Mart. Just... Just don't.

    • I actually have volunteered before, but what you said makes a lot of sense so what is the solution? Are you saying its easier to get a college level job than a franchise job?

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    • Thanks I won't

    • And thank you for MHO.

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