What are your opinions on self immolation?

Self immolation is that act of sacrificial suicide by setting yourself on fire for a cause. The person counts on their martyrdom to propel their movement forward. Self immolation forces by standers and anyone who hears of the act to recognize the conviction of the victim; it also can give the given cause a negative stigma, but not nearly as much as terrorism. Anyway what are your opinions.

  • It is an effective protest method
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  • it is effective sometimes, but creates a negative stigma that may actually hurt the cause
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  • depends on the situation
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  • It does not work, and is immoral
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  • Historically it has been effective, but it's also generally plunged the cause into a reputation of nutjobbery and fanatiscism (which in cases like Indian independence caused major issues in legitimacy down the line).
    Frankly in a hypothetical situation I would advise against it, purely because intentional martyrdom is a possitivly sad way to focus a cause... but then I am strongly opposed to causes anyway, they get people killed and turn rational folks into a baying blood thirsts mob.
    Down with causes, spread the word.

    • Well what about a cause that does not require the populace or its leaders to change their minds about anything, whether in be an institutionalized injustice, a political policy, or a out of date social construction. What about a situation where the cause or movement will be victorious if people are simply aware that said cause exists, and that it is a matter of life and death for some. Many movements and causes are of this strain, but obliviously they probably have not been heard of because then the cause is to be heard of. I do agree with what you have said, but primarily as it pertains to causes and movements of the first type.

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  • Suicide in any form for any reason is unacceptable.

    • Even if it will save lives. One life (and one that is owned by someone committed to sacrifice) vs several lives. Still unacceptable?

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    • I don't need to go in depth with you on this topic. Suicide is wrong.

    • Ok, fair enough.

What Guys Said 2

  • This goes to the moral debate - Would you kill in a war that was justified? - Is suicide justified if it raises awareness about a hideous injustice? I think so, yes.

  • Stupid. It may save a life or two (maybe in the past) but in todays world it causes more shit than good (ISIS?)