Do you think we should start taking the law into our own hands since abusive parents constantly get away with killing and molesting their children?

in America?

I'm just wondering since abusive parents in America, especially the abusive mothers, often get away with traumatizing their children and killing them.

  • Yes, we should either burn them alive on a stake or hang them.
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  • Yes, we should castrate (non-chemically) the abusive father while we vaginally impale the abusive mother or cut out her uterus and ovaries out.
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  • Yes, we should publicly beat up the abusive parents and mentally torture them with social and public shame.
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  • Yes, we should form up firing squats so we can shoot up the abusive parents to death.
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  • No, we should be civilized about this and let our justice system handle it, regardless of how flawed it is. Better than to take matters into your own hands, risking an innocent live being taken away.
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  • How about they disappear without a trace

    • How? Putting a bullet to the back of their heads with a suppressor attached to the pistol used for execution?

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  • Being in a postion of power and having the opportunity to take a life, is hard, if you don't control it, it will destroy you.

  • Being a victim of rape, I sided with B. I might be biased though.

    • Do you also agree with abusive mothers being vaginally impaled or having her uterus and ovaries removed on option B?

    • Hmmm if it's sexual abuse—yes. If it isn't sexual than C.

What Guys Said 1

  • I still believe in court system - Vigilantism a dangerous move

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