Guys, how do you define a needy girl? Girls, how do you define a needy guy?

[Just as in title]


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  • Someone who constantly wants to text or hang out.

    • Define "constantly" for both cases.
      Does wanting to hangout once a week/each two weeks considered as constantly?
      Does texting daily but not all-day constantly?

    • Wanting to hang out once a week is totally fair. Although, you have to take into account and respect if the other person is busy. I know sometimes I have my really busy weeks where I just don't have the time or energy to hang out with someone, regardless of how much I want to.

      I'm personally not much of a texter, so I don't like when guys try to drag dead conversations on with mundane starters like, "So what's up?" I'd rather just text if we're planning something to do, or if one of us actually has something funny/interesting/relevant to say. If I'm in a relationship, I like to hear from that person every day or other day, but maybe just to catch up at night -- we don't need to text all day.

    • Sounds fair. Thanks

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  • To me, a needy guy is clingy, and has to know where you are, who you're with, etc, every second. He should be able to trust me and be independent enough not to always have comfort and someone with him if that makes sense?

    • I mean a guy in general; not boyfriend (because your answer sounded like it was "as a bf" , like the trust thing)

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  • Clingy - I suppose insecure about relationship - Wants to be invovled in every aspect of a guy's life - I think everyone should have me time even in a relationship