Be a liar or be lied to?

This is a would you rather type of question. Would you be a liar or be lied to? A liar, meaning you lie to everyone around you for their benefit and sanity of mind, but you're uncomfortable with the lie everyday of your life yet everyone around you accepts the lie. Or would you be lied to and be completely comfortable with who you are and stuff, but everyone around you lies about it and tries to knock you down and does not accept the truth?

No I don't mean you're lying for the good of everyone else. I mean what you're lying about is technically okay, yet not socially acceptable, so you lie about it in general.


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  • I would like to be the liar because you have control of the situation and are doing it for good of everyone else.


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  • Lied to, i dont and won't be a liar

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