Do you need a film degree to work in the film industry?

I have moved from AUS, i was halfway studying through my film degree and then i moved here in USA with my family. Found out that i have to study extra two years of rubbish subjects before i can do the major 'film'. Now i have completed the final exam for biology and failed. Spanish 1 completed and passed.
I'm very upset and depressed that i have to re take the biology course which im not very good (all sciences).
I dont know what to do now. i hear there's jobs around but do they expect some current educated students?
because these days you need a bachelor degree to have a proper full time job right?
there's a few short term courses you can take that gives you the certificate for it to say that you know whats scriptwriting, editing etc.
i could buy a business that includes me doing film/photography jobs?
i need help. im very stuck and lost on what to do now.

  • yes you need a film degree
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  • no you don't need it, experience beats educated sheet of paper
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  • you need any degree for any type of job.
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  • go back to Australia and finish the film degree
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  • study those short time courses, its not worth the money and time to look more educated.
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  • buy a film/photography business
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  • Depends on studio/production company some would demand one others might not bother


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  • you dont need one.