I injured a high school All American football player when I was 15. It was a good clean, hard hit.. Sadly he was temporarily paralyzed. What now?

and made the varsity as a sophomore which didn't happen much back then. I was
a bad ass an I hit as hard as an NFL player in high school. He did recover, but his
football career was over. I cost him a full ride at UCLA. He forgave me, God forgave
me. But I've never forgiven myself. Her I was the bad ass, hard hitting high school
football player and I ended a good man's life. I guess I'm still feeling guilty.
Many people say let it go. I've tried, but I can't. Please chime in. How do I get past this?
Will I ever get over it?

I do hope that I forgive myself. It was bad and not a day goes by that
I don't think about it. Life goes on with or without us I know that I didn't
want to play anymore after this. I was playing free safety and I cracked him good.


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  • You should feel guilty. You did something wrong but to make up for it try doing lots of good things with your life. You can't erase your guilt but you can minimize it.


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  • If your 63 with everyone under the moon and in the heavens forgiving you than I'd say no... I mean that is called risk, no one said football was a safe sport... even with the equiptment you wear there is a chance of injury... serious injury. It was a clean hit, not like you did it out of anger or you had a vendetta against this guy... just accept that it happened... you both knew risks can with the game.

    • Mitts-I knew the risks. I was such a bad ass, made the varsity as a sophomore and started. Imagine that.
      But to cause an injury as horrific as that at 15 is a burden most teenagers aren't equipped to deal with. I
      wasn't. I can forgive others. Myself, not so much. Although I am working on it.

    • Well hopefully at some point in your life you can forgiven yourself before you run out of time

  • Friend one bit of your post stood out. The sentence "He forgave me, God forgave
    me" - Move on feeling guilty and stressing yourself out won't change what happened.