Why does he look at me like this?

It was spring semester orientation and I would notice This guy who was Standing with a few other people would look at me for like 4 seconds when I was walking out of my class. another time he look at me for a second when he's with his friend and this happened a few times. he always has no expression on his face when he sees me though and yes I am 90% sure he's looking at me. He never talk to me either so I don't know what's up. My friend say it's either cause he thinks I'm pretty or he likes me or he thinks I'm a bitch or unattractive?

  • He thinks you're pretty
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  • He has a crush on you
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  • He thinks you look bitchy
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  • He thinks you're unnattractive
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  • He thinks you're a loser
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  • He just wants to be friends
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  • He is prob a stalker/killer. Be careful

    • And I look bitchy?

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    • He was standing with a few girls and guys

    • He has a good cover. He will prob kill a lot of people before they catch him. Its a classic text book case!😀

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